Be one of only

8,000 early

node validators

The price rises with every 400 units sold

Start $200

Sold out $2000

Every 400 units

Price rise

Current Node Price

  • VERY mined daily per NFTs

  • Remaining VERY for mining

  • Days remaining for mining


Validator Benefits

  • 864,000 VERY + α

    Referrals and Node proof can 3x daily mining amount of [864,000 VERY / NFTs].

  • Ad revenue reward

    Validators will be rewarded with 20% of Verychat's advertising earnings.

  • Limited Supply

    Only 8,000 Node NFTs will be minted.
    No additional minting will take place.


  • Available

  • Total Supply

  • Price

  • Units until price rise

Buy Node NFTsBuy Node NFTs

*A Metamask wallet and Verychat ID is required for purchase

Precautions when purchasing Node NFTs

  1. Purchased node NFTs are non-refundable.
  2. Node NFTs sold are non-transferable and cannot be transferred to other wallets.
  3. Wallets holding Node NFTs can participate in validation through PC (Windows, Mac) or cloud server such as AWS, Azure, etc. through the provided private key, and receive 2x the basic mining amount.
  4. Even if you don't participate in validation, you will still receive the base reward.

Node operation method

  1. Node NFT owners (buyers) can receive validator rewards by either installing on AWS cloud servers or on the PC (Windows/MacOS).
  2. Node rewards include validator rewards (a portion of transaction fees), ecosystem rewards (10% of total issuance), and Verychat advertising rewards.
  3. The distribution of ecosystem rewards totaling 1 billion VERY will begin in April 2024.
  4. In addition to the ecosystem rewards, 10% of the total VERY spent on ads in the Verychat app will be split equally among 8000 Node NFT holders.
  5. Validation rewards may vary based on the performance and network status of each active node.
  6. You can increase your daily mining amount from the base mining amount of [864,000 VERY / NFTs] up to three times through referrals and participation in node proof.
  7. Buyers can activate a node using their unique private key, and the greater the number of Node NFTs owned by the buyer, the higher the rewards mined.
    Mining Yield Formula : (number of NFTs owned * (600 VERY per minute / total NFTs held by active nodes)) * Node On(x2) + Referral Boosting.
  8. Referral boosting increases your base mining rate by 5% for every 1 person you invite to buy a node, up to a maximum of 100%.
  9. If you don't participate in validation, only the base reward [Total 864,000 VERY / active NFTs] will be paid daily.
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