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Very Network's layer 1 complies with Ethereum standards, and layer 2 complies with the rollup standard. It can reflect the development of Ethereum and updates to the zk rollup as quickly as possible, and it can very easily onboard numerous developers in the Solidity ecosystem.

How it works

Only 8,000

initial public nodes

8,000 nodes will mine total 2 billion VERY, 20% of the total supply, for participating in Layer1 validation, plus 20% of ad revenue when the ad system launches. Layer2 is powered by 20 trusted enterprises operating ultra-high performance supernodes to sustain the highest network performance.

  • Fast speed

    Very Network's Layer 2 is operated by nodes of the highest specifications operated by trustworthy companies that have signed partnerships with Verychat, and Layer 2's nodes overcome the limitations of Layer 1's transmission speed through zero-knowledge proofs.

  • Forever low fees

    Very Network can dramatically decrease transaction fees for both Layer 1 and Layer 2 not only through rewards from transaction fees but also via node rewards from the Verychat advertising system.

  • Easy scalability

    Very Network complies with Ethereum standards, making it easy for any Solidity-based blockchain developer or project to onboard, and makes smart contract and Dapp development easy through EVM.

  • Transparency

    Very Network's transactions are matched with Verychat's user nicknames, breaking away from the existing concept of 1 wallet = 1 person, making it easier to check and track the number of real wallet owners. Fraudsters will avoid these Very Network features, which will accelerate the establishment of an honest cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The bigger the community,

the greater the rewards.

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